Whole Sale High Security Full height Heavy Duty Turnstile Gate

Item No.: TH-FHT209
Suitable for commercial buildings, subways, airports, customs, exhibition halls, government buildings, financial institutions, clubs and other high-end indoor applications.
Full height security turnstile-FHT209 is made of 304 brushed stainless or powder coated steel sheet which is high temperature and corrosion resistance, durable dustproof, and rainproof design. It is often used for high-security access control solutions. Full height turnstiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor locations. It can widely be used for the train station, government, amusement park, prison, football stadium, parking system area, apartment, gym, museum, station, library, and factory, etc. Using the standard electrical interface, compatible with ID/IC card, fingerprint, face recognition, an infrared detector, temperature controller, Barcode/QR code, phone app,  ESD system, visitor system, etc

The Single Way Bio-Directional High-Security Level Full Height Turnstile Gate represents a cutting-edge access control solution designed to enhance security measures in various facilities. This sophisticated turnstile employs a single-entry and exit mechanism, ensuring controlled passage for individuals. The bi-directional feature enables smooth and efficient traffic flow, accommodating both incoming and outgoing movements.

Built with a robust and durable construction, the full height turnstile gate serves as a formidable physical barrier, preventing unauthorized access. Its high-security level is achieved through advanced biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition technology, adding an additional layer of protection beyond traditional access methods.

The turnstile's full height design contributes to its effectiveness in deterring unauthorized access attempts, making it ideal for applications in critical infrastructure, government facilities, corporate offices, and other environments where stringent security measures are imperative. Integrating seamlessly with modern access control systems, this turnstile gate not only provides a secure access point but also facilitates the efficient management of personnel movement within a controlled environment.


1. Running stable without noise and mechanical impact

2. Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

3. After swiping card in normal condition, if within the permitting time passages do not pass, the system will cancel the users’            pass right and arm close automatically

4 .Arm automatically open when the power off to make sure safety In case of emergency

5. Optional for external counter to record the people numbers for each lane

6. Single way or Bi-directional adjustable based on the requirement

7. Equipped with LED directional indication / status lights.


Structure parameters
Housing material 304 stainless steel or powder coated steel
Thickness 1.5mm
Surface treatment Brushed finish
Technical parameters
Size 1500*1350*2260mm
Lane width 600mm
Passing speed 35--50 people/min
Open/close speed 0.2sec
Weight 150KG
Turning angle 120 degree
MCBF 5.000.000 times
Application Indoor or outdoor
Rotating directional Single way or Bi-directional adjustable
Noise <55db
Operating temperature -15 to 70
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Package Carton box inside. Wooden case outside
Electronic parameters
Power supply 110-220V/AC, 50/60HZ
Rated power 100W
Input signal Dry contact
Driving motor Solenoid
Method of position Limiter