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System overview

According to the needs from jail staff channel management, in line with the management mode of strict in and out, human preventing, technical preventing, object prevent combining, this plan is made. In addition to the general access control function of this project system, its main functions are as follows.
Access channel is A and B door; A, B door needs double interlocking; one door could be open only when two doors at the same time in the closed position; the door is one side open and stainless steel. Brush IC card to get in, card reader need waterproof.
Two pedestrian turnstile machines set up in the middle channel of A, B dooe. Swipe card at the outside of A door when getting into the jail, then get confirmed by secutirty officers on duty. The confirmation means include testing the validity of card number through the system, understand the situation of the people swiping the card through monitoring picture. When people pass through A door and enter to the access channel, it proceed to data acquisition (no need to this step if acquisition already done) through face recognition system, then swipe the card to through the access turnstile, then though the B door at last.
When leaving the jail, the system automatically drive B door open after the success of face recognition ratio, then pass through B door and enter through the access channel after swiping the card. At last swiping card at A door, then the security  officer will open the door after confirmation. If the comparison is not success, the system will alarm if more than 1 person enter into the access channel between the two doors or swiping the card illegally when leaving the jail.
There is one pair of correlation infrared set in the middle between the pedestrian turnstile machine and B door when leaving the jail. If there is no process of face recognition comparison and more than one people passing through B door, correlation infrared will detect the people and cause sound-light alarm on the radio, and at the same time lock all the doors. A, B doors and pedestrian turnstile machine are locked and can not open in any way. Everything will return to normal after the process of the security officers on duty.
After successful matching face recognition at outside of B door, B door will open. If the other person break into or there other emergency, the lawful alignment can press the emergency button next to face recognition apparatus, it will immediately locked all the doors and pedestrian turnstile gate. It will return to normal after the process of the security officers on duty.
The cameras are installed on both sides of the A, B door at their entrance and exit direction, the camera can choose professional camera with infrared human body recognition according to needs, through the infrared induction automatic detect the number of people in the monitoring area personnel.
Installing red and green indicator light at the outside, inside and swiping card area of the AB door. It will be allowed to go with the green light after swiping the card and confirmed to be legal while the other door is closed. If the card is illegal or not in the valid date or the other door is not closed completely, then the red light.
Install an infrared detector in each outside of the A.B door. When there is someone long time (the time can be set) stay at them area, system alarm, infrared detector is connected to the access controller or I / O board. Monitoring the region can effectively prevent the prisoner to destroy the access control.