Biometric Face Control South East Asia Full Height Turnstile

Item No.: TH-FHT206-1
The full height turnstile used in South East Asia is a simple, automated system that can be used to regulate access and help control crowds. It is typically placed near the entrance or main gate of buildings, offices, or other locations.

FHT206-1 South East Asia Full Height Turnstile is designed to provide a secure and reliable entry solution while also allowing users to move freely between different areas. The full height turnstile provides a number of advantages including improved security, enhanced user experience, ease of use and affordability. In terms of security, full height turnstiles are highly reliable, as they are often equipped with multiple locking mechanisms, ranging from simple mechanical locks to more advanced electronic systems. This allows for quick locking and unlocking, as well as reduced risk when trying to pass through. Additionally, it also ensures that users can easily identify whether a particular area is open or closed. Moreover, full height turnstiles offer an improved user experience as they are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional barriers. As such, they can be used to create a visually appealing entrance to any location, even those with limited space. Finally, full height turnstiles are relatively affordable compared to other access control solutions, making them an attractive option for many businesses.

TIANHONG FHT206-1 Full height turnstiles are a popular access control system found in large venues and industries throughout South East Asia.