Full Height Sliding Gate Turnstile TH-FSG609

Item No.: TH-FSG609
Elegant, contemporary and built to meet the needs of any company lobby, government building, sports club or educational institute. TH-FSG609 optical turnstile delivers not only upscale looks but the highest degree of security.

The sliding turnstile is composed of a chassis and two movable door wings, which can be extended and retracted to dissuade or release. Intelligent full height sliding turnstile TH-FSG609 adopts the latest design and beautiful shape. The application selection of the sliding gate turnstile is determined according to the size and area of the site. Its door wing is higher than the swing turnstile gate and flap barrier turnstile. It is generally designed to be 1.6m high. The channel width is the same as that of the swing turnstile gate channel. The width of 0.55M is enough to achieve the purpose of one person’s passage.

TIANHONG can provide our valued customers  both OEM & ODM services. No matter the size or appearance of the sliding turnstile is , it is customized according to the actual needs of customers. If you need to customize a similar sliding turnstile, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

1. Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, Control board, Power supply

2. Power Consumption: Static state: single core 60W; dynamic state: single core 160W.
3. Power Input:AC220V
4. Output:DC5V、DC12V、AC24V
5. Drive Mode: DC electric motor

6. Interface: 12 dry contact

7. Overall Dimension: 1500L x 185W x 1020H (mm)
8. Following Speed: 35 people/minute in normal mode, 50 people/minute in fast mode

9. Service Life: Five millions continuous rotation
10. Operation Direction: Single/bi-directional

11. Working Environment: Indoor
12. Lane Width: 500mm-550mm
13. Opening angle:90
14. Noise:≤50dB
15. Opening and Closing Time: 1 second

16. Net Weight: Single core 70 KGS/set; double cores 100 KGS/set