Mobile Solar Traffic Light TH-MTL109

Item No.: TH-MTL109
 Energy saving, long service life
 strong adaptability to the environment
 short switching times of different colors
 LED patch surface emission, high visibility
 reasonable structure, beautiful appearance
 strong protective properties (waterp

Mobile red and green signal light is a kind of mobile, adjustable solar emergency traffic light, using solar power supply, auxiliary charging, light source using LED energy-saving light-emitting diode, control using microcomputer IC chip, can control the road.

1.There is no cable connection between each group of lights, that is, there is no need to break the road or overhead line, the installation is very simple, save time, save labor and save cost, easy maintenance;

2.By solar energy, battery power supply, no need to supply electricity, energy saving, has good social benefits.

3.In continuous cloudy and rainy days can also work continuously for 5 to 7 days, such as correct installation, 365 days a year non-stop work;

4.The controller has the features of high reliability, simple operation interface, complete functions, multiple phases, multiple schemes, multiple periods, manual and so on.

Technical Parameters

« Working Temperature:-25℃~+60℃

« Humidity Range:-20%~+95%

« Working Voltage:constant current

« LED MTBF: ≥10000hours

« Outside Material: cold rolled plate

« Size(mm):500*600*3000

« IP rate:IP65

« MTBF: ≥10000hours

« Wind Resistance: 40m/s

« Solar Panel Maximum Output Power: 80W

« Solar peak current: 4.2A

« Solar Panel Output Voltage: 18V

« Pole MTBF: ≥10years

« Lead-acid battery capacity: 100AH/12V

« Battery MTBF: ≥2years

« Working Mode: continuous work,  Working Voltage: 12V


Housing Structure of 2mm thick galvanized cold rolling plate, the high precision CNC machining, To ensure high strength, accuracy, smoothness and reliability requirement, and electrostatic spray processing technology