Football Stadium Double Full Heght Turnstile

Item No.: TH-FHT208-2
The full height turnstile is suitable for the high-security areas (i.e.Embassy, Stadium, Bank, Jail, Oil Field, Construction site, big compound, Airport, Station)

Full height turnstile Singapore is suitable for robust access control, well suited to the exterior and interior use at football stadiums, sports facilities, and high-risk sites. This full-height turnstile gates product line offers both indoor and outdoor access control applications. Tianhong has been exporting this full height turnstile to Singapore at an affordable price.Our turnstile gate range comes with a high-quality anti-corrosive surface, and guarantee reliable operation under extreme outdoor conditions.

This pedestrian full height security gate benefits with significant space snd cost saving in comparison to two single turnstiles installed one near another. It is a perfect fit for applications with heighest intensity of pedestrian traffic, like stadiums or large factories. Can be supplied both in fully welded or assembly (attractive for transportation) design.

We provide both OEM & ODM services.
For pricing & designing or other information, please inquiry us. 

Technical Parameters

1.304 stainless steel(1.5+2.5);         

2.Steel cut by laser;                                                       

3.The least welding portion polished properly;                                             

4.Original finish kept;                     

5.Net weight: 260kg; 

5.6. C.B.M weight: 4.2 C.B.M  ;
6.Size of wooden case:2200*1670*1120mm


8.Pass rate: 30 person /min;           

9.Pass width:≤650mm;                     

10.Input : 220V,50HZ;                 

11.Motor voltage: 24v                     
12.Environment: -25~+70; 

13.Power consumption:32w; 

14.Input: 12v level signal or Pulse Wide>100ms ;