Remote Control Security Gate Straight Automatic Parking Boom Barrier Gate

Item No.: TH-BG03
1.This type of barrier could match with direct boom( pole), fold boomOr fence boom.
2.It is widely used for parking or traffic, toll system, etc facilities
3.The outlooking is elegant, and the struction is designed easy to operation, when power failure,
Efficient and precise planetary reducer drive
Equipped with the same planetary reducer as industrial robots and industrial automation equipment—double planetary reducer.
High Security
Automatically lifting when power off, which complies with the fire safety requirements. Anti-collision protection function.
Auto-Reverse or Auto-Stop function when hitting obstacles.
Five “without” design
Without position sensor;without shock absorption rubber brick; without clutch device, automatically lifting when power off, or can be set barrier arm lifted manually; without keyway design, no more worries about hidden danger by the gap between key and keyway and the lever jitter problem; without brake design, no more worries about problem caused by brake wear and the resulting reliability problem. 
All-weather adaptability
Excellent weather ability index, working temperature from -40℃to 80℃. All- weather working, no matter in freezing cold winter or in scorching heat summer.
 Backup battery
Optional connect with DC24V backup battery, compatible with solar system, wind power generation, moveable work anywhere anytime.

Technical Data

1.Size: 380*260*1060mm;

2.Arm Length:  6m/4m/3m ;                           
3.Pass Rate: 6s/3s/1.5s;                                                  
4.Input Power:  220V 50Hz;                                 
5.Housing Color: Yellow, Grey;                                       
6.Power Consumption: 90W/120W/250W ;   

7.Work Environment :-25°C~+50°C

8.Protection Class:IP55