2023 China Made Best Biometric Control Swing Gate

Item No.: TH-SG398
Mainly used in high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, and corporate facilities . Support OEM and ODM & third-party biometric devices, such as fingerprint scanner, face recognition camera. RFID card reader, QR code scanner.
Tianhong biometric controlled swing gate turnstile SG398 is a type of access control system commonly used in high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, and corporate facilities. Unlike traditional turnstiles that use keys or cards to allow access, biometric turnstiles use unique physical characteristics of individuals such as fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scans or hand geometry to identify and grant access to authorized personnel only. This makes it extremely difficult for intruders to gain entry using fake IDs or stolen keys. The swing gate design allows for smooth and efficient pedestrian flow while the biometric technology ensures maximum security and accuracy.

Product Paratmeter:
1. Size: 1400*180*980 mm (can be customized)
2. Lane Width: 600 mm (Standard) 900 mm( Handicapped)
3. Arm Material: Acrylic
4. Passing speed: 40 person/min
5. Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60Hz
6. Brushless motor
7. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay
8. Driving Motor: 24V
9. Weight: 70 kg/pcs
10.  Size and material thickness can be customized
11. Casing Material: 304 stainless steel
12. Reliability of the mechanism: 3 million, no-fault
13. LED lights on arms is available
14. LED on the sideboard is optional
15. Swing arm thickness: 10 mm
16. Working Direction: Bidirectional/Single directional
17. Emergency situation: open automatically when the electricity is cut off with a capacitor
18. Humidity: ≤90%
19. Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
20. Communication distance: ≤1200 m
21. Communication interface: RS485
22. Feature: IC/ID reader, Barcode Reader, Face recognition, Fingerprint, other access control equipment, UPS, etc
23. Time needed for opening: 0.2 s
24. Working environment: Indoors
25. Application range: Community, Factory, Construction site, School, Place of the resort, etc.