ESD Turnstile for Conveniences & Security

Item No.: TH-TT168
ESD tripod turnstile TT168's attractive powder coated different colored cabinet with ESD checker at its top looks and functions well in any indoor & outdoor environment. It is crafted from high-quality components

ESD Turnstile Access System is designed to control ESD compliance prior entry to ESD sensitive areas. We design & build our own ESD shoes/Wrist Strap Tester with our own various turnstiles. We could customize both our products & ESD checking systems to meet your specific demands.

Product Parameter


• It ensures that only employees with appropriate & functional personnel grounding are allowed to enter the EPA

• Test operators very quickly < 2 sec

• Automatically generates reports for the ESD coordinator

• High flexibility in testing mode

• Left or right access configuration

• Body size: 404 X 365 X 1047mm
• Free contact sensor to start measurement and exit
• Footwear or wrist strap test can be accomplished hands free, without  touching an electrode
• Sound speaker voice