Card Reader Security Access Control Full Height Turnstile

Item No.: TH-FHT207-1
The full height turnstile is made with SUS304 material with IP42. It is widely installed for high secured access control sites, such as airport, embassy buildings, mines, schools, universities, prisons  & industrial compus etc.

This full height turnstile gate for South East Asia at an affordable price is widely used for the train stations, school libraries, government facilities, amusement park, prison, football stadium, apartment, museum, and factory, etc.

Using the standard electrical interface, compatible with ID/IC card, fingerprint, face recognition, an infrared detector, temperature controller, Barcode/QR rod phone app, ESD system, visitor system, etc.
With more than 26 years of  manufacturing turnstiles, TIANHONG offers the cheapest full height turnstile price in South Asia.

Full height turnstile gate is integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller and various kinds of identification technologies, compatible with IC, ID, bar code, fingerprint reader and so on to provide intelligent control and management to flow control.

We provide both ODM & OEM services.
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Product Parameters

1. Interface Parameter:One Rs 485, RS232 interface, two card reader signals (Passive), one fire alarm interface
2. Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, control Board, Power supply
3. Structure:Stainless steel column-shape
4. Operation direction:Single/bi-direction
5. Protection: When the force exceeds the set value (such as 100 kg), arm will rotate in order to protect the mechanism from loss and then automatically reset.
6. Drive mode:DC electric motor
7. Anti-reverse:Have anti-reverse function in order to ensure one card for one person
8. Voltage:AC220V±10% 50Hz±4%
9. Output:AC24V、DC12V、DC5V
10. Power Consumption: Static state: single mechanism 20W; dynamic state: single mechanism 60W.
11. Working Environment: Indoor, Outdoor (with rain frame)
12. Temperature:-10 ℃ - 60 ℃
13. Humidity:5%~90%
14. Speed:≥25 people/min
15. Noise: <50DB
16. Lane Width:700mm(Max)
17. Service Life: More than 500 million constantly open and close
18. Dimension:120 degree 1740x1400x2250mm(LxWxH)
19. Arm Dimension: 600mm(Max) x 600mm
20. Net Weight:60kg(without control device)
21. IP protection:Ip42