Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile

Item No.: TH-TP02
The Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile is a secure access control system featuring three rotating horizontal bars, offering reliable entry management with a compact and efficient design.

The Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile represents a cutting-edge solution in access control systems, combining advanced security features with a sleek and compact design. This turnstile is designed to efficiently manage pedestrian traffic while ensuring robust security measures.

At its core, the Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile is equipped with three rotating horizontal bars that act as a barrier to regulate the flow of individuals entering or exiting a secured area. The rotation of these bars is precisely controlled, allowing for smooth and secure passage for authorized personnel while deterring unauthorized access.

One of the standout features of this turnstile is its Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) capability. This technology safeguards sensitive electronic components from potential damage caused by electrostatic discharges, making the turnstile highly durable and reliable in various environments. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas where static electricity may pose a threat to electronic systems.

The compact and space-efficient design of the Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile makes it suitable for installation in a variety of locations, including office buildings, government facilities, transportation hubs, and more. Its unobtrusive profile ensures seamless integration into different architectural environments without compromising security.

Moreover, the turnstile is designed for ease of use and maintenance. It is equipped with user-friendly interfaces, and routine maintenance tasks can be performed with minimal disruption to daily operations.

The Three Roller Gates ESD Tripod Turnstile stands as a versatile and robust access control solution, providing a balance between security and user convenience. With its innovative design, electrostatic discharge protection, and adaptability to various settings, this turnstile is a reliable choice for organizations seeking effective pedestrian access management.


Main features:

  • Flow direction guide with high bright led lamp.
  • High speed DSP technology, life up to 5 million times.
  • Malfunction self-detection, which is easy for operation and maintenance.
  • Anti-tail, prevent people follow pass without verified.
  • Anti-panic, door will keep opened automatically while power cut off.
  • One directional pass or bi-directional pass is settable.
  • With crash proof function, turnstile integrated angle coder and clutch, can protect the door while people or bicycle crash.
  • Can be integrated with all kinds of access control systems include ID/IC, barcode, fingerprint, face, iris, etc.

Specifications of Tripod Turnstile Gate:


Item Fingerprint QR RFID scanner tripod turnstile
Lane width 550mm to 600mm
Power supply AC220±10%V 50Hz/AC110±10% 60Hz
Power consumption 40W
Access device input voltage

Dry contact or 12V electrical level signal

or > 100ms 12V impulse signal, driving current > 10mA

Motor No motor
Max flow rate 25 to 30 person per minute
Arm length 510mm
Working temperature