Small Storage & Cell Phone Charging Locker

Item No.: TH-SSL118
The purpose of storage lockers is to allow patrons to safely store their cell phones or other personal items while they use your facilities. For example, a gym could have cell phone lockers available to offer patrons a safe place to leave their cell phone
Tianhong Small Storage & Cell Phone Charging Locker with Control of Digital Code & Key is a mechanism that allows gym-goers to safely store their valuables, such as wallets or phones, while working out. These lockers are designed to provide maximum security for personal items by requiring both a digital code and a key to access them.
One of the greatest advantages of this locker system is its enhanced security. With its dual authentication system, accessing a locker requires an individual's unique digital code and physical key. This ensures that only the owner of the locker has access to the contents inside.
Another benefit is convenience. Fitness Club Storage Lockers are usually located in easily accessible areas and provide ample space to store belongings securely. Additionally, digitized code systems make it easy and quick to retrieve stored items without having to fumble through keys or lock combinations.
Fitness Club Storage Lockers with Control of Digital Code & Key offer increased safety and accessibility to gym-goers, promoting peace of mind and stress-free workouts.

30/40/48 doors are the present most papular models which we are making regularing with the following sizes:

30 doors: 1350 X 900 X 230mm
40 doors: 1700 X 900 X230mm
48 doors: 1700 X 1050 X 230mm

Door Optional contol with digital code and key available:

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