Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile

Item No.: TH-TT386
The full automatic tripod turnstile is a type of access control system that is commonly used in areas with high traffic flow where it is necessary to restrict or control access.
Tianhong full automatic tripod turnstile is a security device that controls pedestrian traffic to restricted areas. It consists of three rotating arms that allow one person to pass through at a time upon authorization from an access control system, such as a card reader or biometric scanner.

The main advantage of this type of turnstile is its ability to provide high-security functionality with minimal supervision. The turnstile can detect and prevent unauthorized access, reduce the risk of tailgating, and improve the flow of pedestrian traffic. In addition, it can be customized with various add-ons, such as LED lights and sound alarms, to enhance its features and add to its aesthetic appeal.