New Parking System Community Intelligent Advertising Barrier Car Parking Boom Barrier Gate

Item No.: TH-BG04
1.This type of barrier could match with direct boom( pole), fold boomOr fence boom.
2.It is widely used for parking or traffic, toll system, etc facilities
3.The outlooking is elegant, and the struction is designed easy to operation, when power failure,
LED light advertising boom barrier gate is our typical mode of barrier gate for parking application.
This mode with strong structure, the body made by 2 mm cold-rolled plate heavy duty case with IP54 protection, surface with outdoor type good quality painting. It is not only a common barrier gate, also have advertising function(the advertisement can be customized as you request)

Main Features

1.The case is durable and waterproof, which can be used in outdoor environment.

2.Simple and elegant appearance, with the best Angle of advertising lamp box and flip board advertising.

3.Multiple control mode user selection: Push button of external control box to lock up, drop stop, windproof manually, and can use remote control device to long distance control the barrier gate.

4.Used with vehicle detector, have the function of "Boom automatically down after the car passed " and "rod car automatically lift up when car passing during boom down" etc, which can make the machine has the automatic switch-off and anti-smash the car function.

5.The system adopts standard electrical interface, which can be easily connected to other systems chose by the user.

Technical Data

1.Size: 950*460mm;

2.Arm Length:  4m/3.5m/3m ;                           
3.Pass Rate: 6s;                                                  
4.Input Power:  220V 50Hz;                                 
5.Housing Color: Grey;                                       
6.Power Consumption:300W ;   

7.Work Environment :-40°C~+50°C

8.Protection Class:IP55