Floor Concealed Door Closer

Item No.: TH-ADP308
Adp308 is a specially designed automatic door operator for the extra heavy width door. It can operate the door width of 1.5m with weight maximum of 180Kg.
It is widely used at the entrance door for the shops, offices, pub coffee bars, meeting rooms, r

What are Floor Concealed Door Closers?

The overhead or floor mounted concealed door closer is a very common type of door closer mechanism which is normally unseen and unnoticed. ... Some concealed closers only allow single directional control for opening and closing to a fixed point or door stop.

Technical Parameters


Maximum door weight:180kg

Maximum door width:1500mm

Maximum torque:165Nm

Noise: <60dB

Opening and closing time: 6-12S

Open range: 86°~95°

Power supply: AC110-220V ±10% 50/60Hz

Rated power: 55W

Special machine power: <2W

Operating temperature:-20°C~55°C

Protection level: IP68

Control box size: 245x75x54mm

Unit size: 335x140x70mm

Unit weight: 9.25KG