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A turnstile is a mechanical gate or barrier typically used in security systems to control the flow of people through a designated entrance or exit. Its primary purpose is to allow the passage of individuals in one direction while preventing or restricting access in the opposite direction. Turnstiles are commonly employed in various settings, including public transportation stations, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, and secure facilities.

The basic design of a turnstile consists of horizontal arms or revolving horizontal bars mounted on a vertical post. These arms rotate horizontally, allowing individuals to pass through one at a time after presenting a valid credential, such as a ticket, access card, or biometric verification. After passage, the arms rotate back to their original position, preventing unauthorized entry.

Turnstiles serve several essential functions, including crowd control, ticket validation, and security enhancement. They provide a physical barrier to unauthorized individuals, helping maintain order in high-traffic areas. In addition to their security features, turnstiles are often integrated with access control systems, making them a crucial component in managing the movement of people and ensuring the security of restricted areas within a facility.