Benefits of Using Dynamic Face Recognition Turnstile in Schools

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Author : Lily
Update time : 2022-06-23 12:01:14
With the development of digital campus, the technology of face recognition and access control is gradually applied to the construction of "smart campus" and provides a strong security guarantee for it.

Some people say that campus is the place where dreams begin.Some people say that the campus is a place to grow up. Everyone seems to have their own unique interpretation of the campus. However, such a beautiful place has been damaged by various unsafe factors. The traditional school gate management is generally managed by security guards. To some extent, this method has potential safety hazards, which is easy to let outsiders enter and threaten the safety of the campus. How to build a safe campus environment has always been the focus of education departments and all sectors of society.
Face recognition technology will be widely deployed to the identity verification of access control equipment, which can effectively identify, record and control external visitors on campus. The face recognition access control system can not only enable students to "brush their faces" to enter and leave the school, but also query whether students return late. It plays a very positive role in ensuring the intelligent management of students' personal safety in the school.
Face recognition technology sets up dynamic face recognition channel gates at the entrance and exit of the school, which can identify the identity information of the incoming and outgoing personnel in real time and compare it with the background identity information to ensure the safety of the campus; At the same time, confirm the status of students in school and make real-time statistics on the number of students in school; Administrators and teachers can view the current students' school information in real time; Parents can receive reminders of students' access to the school in real time. 

Tianhong has been actively participating in the creation of China's smart campus activities. So far, Tianhong has completed dozens of smart park projects in universities, primary and secondary schools. It has also successfully completed the smart access control  management projects of  Sun Yat-sen University,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Edinburgh University, Imperial University of Technology in the UK  and the University of Sydney in Australia & Nanyang Technological University in Singapore etc.  and won the love of all owners.
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