Speed Gate

产品编号: TH-SGB201
Be used for pedestrian passage and automatic fare collection management, such as government agencies, enterprises and institution, libraries, office buildings, factories, station, scenic spots, leisure and entertainment places, etc.

·        Product Description
1. Interface: One Rs 232 interface, two card reader signals (passive), one fire alarm interface.
2. Lane Width:
3. Power Input:AC220±10%V,50HZ
4. Following Speed:≥20 people / min.
5. Power Consumption: Static state: single core 20W; dynamic state: single core 60W.
6. Temperature:-10 ℃ - 60 ℃

7. Humidity:5%~95%
8. Working Environment: Indoor, or outdoor matching with rain frame
9. Service Life: More than 5 million continuously

10. Drive Mode: DC electric motor
11. Anti-reverse: Anti-reverse function to ensure one card for one person
12. Overall Dimension: Cylinder height: 1000mm Diameter: 168mm
13. Output:AC24V
14. IP protection: Ip42