Speed Gate

Item No.: TH-SG306
Be applied to pedestrian passageway and automatic fare collection management such as government, enterprises and office building.

Product Description


1. Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, Control board, Power supply
2. Power Consumption: Static state: single core 60W; dynamic state: single core 160W.
3. Power Input:AC220V
4. Output:DC5V、DC12V、AC24V
5. Drive Mode: DC electric motor

6. Interface: 12 dry contact
7. Overall Dimension: 1500L x 185W x 1020H (mm)
8. Following Speed: 35 people/minute in normal mode, 50 people/minute in fast mode

9. Service Life: Five millions continuous rotation
10. Operation Direction: Single/bi-directional

11. Working Environment: Indoor
12. Lane Width: 500mm-550mm
13. Opening angle:90
14. Noise:≤50dB
15. Opening and Closing Time: 1 second

16. Net Weight: Single core 70 KGS/set; double cores 100 KGS/set