Mobile Traffic Light TH-MTL109

Item No.: TH-MTL109
 Energy saving, long service life
 strong adaptability to the environment
 short switching times of different colors
 LED patch surface emission, high visibility
 reasonable structure, beautiful appearance
 strong protective properties (waterp


Traffic Light Working Function Diagram with GPRS

« Working Temperature:-25~+60

« Humidity Range:-20%~+95%

« Working Voltageconstant current

« LED MTBF: 10000hours

« Outside Material: cold rolled plate

« Size(mm):500*600*3000

« IP rate:IP65

« MTBF: 10000hours

« Wind Resistance: 40m/s


« Solar Panel Maximum Output Power: 80W

« Solar peak current: 4.2A

« Solar Panel Output Voltage: 18V

« Pole MTBF: 10years

« Lead-acid battery capacity: 100AH/12V

« Battery MTBF: 2years

« Working Mode: continuous work,  Working Voltage: 12V


Housing Structure of 2mm thick galvanized cold rolling plate, the high precision CNC machining, To ensure high strength, accuracy, smoothness and reliability requirement, and electrostatic spray processing technology, has can prevent exposure, rain, soil, dust, corrosive gas.圆角矩形: 八、一体式机动信号灯外形尺寸