Drop Arm Turnstile

产品编号: TH-DAT02
Be applied to pedestrian passage and automatic fare collection management such as government agencies, enterprises and institution, office building, stations, scenic, leisure and entertainment sites etc.

Product Description

1. Interface Parameter: One Rs232 interface, two card reader signals (Passive), one fire alarm interface
2. Material: High quality stainless steel
3. Voltage
:AC220±10% V、50HZ
4. Drive Mode: DC electric motor
5. Working Temperature:-15
℃ - 60 ℃
6. Relative Humidity: relative humidity ≤90%、non-condensation
7. Length of the bar:450mm
8. Opening and closing time:1 s
9. Service Life: More than 500 million constantly open and close
10. Dimension: L1200
11. Weight: 80Kg
12. Bar Rotation Direction: Single, Double (optional)
13. Working Environment: Indoor, Outdoor (with rain frame)
14. IP protection: Ip42